Sea Scout Ship Texas (S410) is a Scout led Ship. Ship leaders are elected and serve six month terms.
  • Apprentice Gidget H. - Boatswain
  • Sea Scout Luke L. - Boatswain's Mate of Administration
  • Apprentice Tex M. - Boatswain's Mate of Program
  • Sea Scout Jack W. - Yeoman
  • Apprentice Rowan W. - Purser

The principal job of adult leaders in a Sea Scout Ship is to develop the leadership skills of the Sea Scouts. Sea Scout Adult Leaders are charged with coaching the Scouts to achieve their goals and maintaining safety.
  • Skipper Tex Mitchell
  • Skipper's Mate Matt Whipple

The Ship's Committee has four basic responsibilities.
  1. Provide adequate adult leadership for the Ship
  2. Complete, maintain, and update the Ship's resource surveys
  3. Secure equipment, facilities, and program resources
  4. Review, support, and approve the Ship's program plans
The Sea Scout Ship Texas Committee is made up of the following volunteers that are committed to helping the Ship in delivering the program that the Scouts have planned.
  • Committee Chair Carole Hurley
  • Treasurer Jeff Lowther
  • Committee Member Kim Mitchell
  • Committee Member Cindy Whipple
Sea Scout Ship Charter Organizations are community-based organizations which provide leadership, meeting facilities, encouragement, and other support as needed.

The Sea Scout Ship Texas Charter Organization is Highland Park Baptist Church
  • Charter Organization Representative Kelley DeCleene
  • Charter Organization Executive Officer Cheryl Kimble